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75% of Pitches to Journalists are Irrelevant

April 3, 2024
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Research conducted by PR NewsWire showed that for most journalists, 75% of the pitches they receive are irrelevant.

This means 75 out of every 100 emails they get from businesses attempting to secure media coverage are a waste of space in their inbox.

Talk about a waste of time, not to mention frustrating, annoying and bloody exhausting!  Is it any wonder some journalists feel jaded.

The research also revealed that 48% of media releases lack news value and 68% of the approaches are not suitable for their audience (readers/listeners/viewers).

If there’s a lesson here for buddy publicists (or businesses wanting to generate their own publicity) it is that the journalist’s job, first and foremost, is to tell the news. And tell it via a compelling story that will attract and retain the interest of their audience.

When we consider that media is a competition for eyeballs and eardrums, each journalist wants to have more people (i.e. eyeballs and eardrums) consuming what they and their program/publication colleagues produce over that of their competitor outlets/publications.

Journalists need pitches that are both relevant and interesting to their audience.

And this first hurdle is where people with a pitch fall.

The key is to research and know the publication or program BEFORE attempting to pitch.  Journalists at our Meet The Press MasterClasses explain over and over again how important it is for businesses wanting to pitch to them to do their homework first.  Know the program, understand the publication, be mindful of who their audience is and what interests them.

Imagine being in business and having 75% of customers ask for something that the business doesn’t stock.  How frustrated would the business owner become?  This is exactly the frustration that journalists face every day, and yet it’s also one of the easiest to overcome.

Be relevant, be newsworthy and be on message.

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