Andrew Woodward

The Investor's Way
March 2024

Resident wealth coach and Meet the Press MasterClass grad Andrew Woodward scored a regular Investment Insights segment on Ticker TV in March and features in two episodes with more to come.

Fab work Andrew!


Bronwen Sciortino

March 2024

What will you be remembered for and what’s the legacy you’ll leave behind when you’re gone? It’s the true leaders who we remember forever, writes Bronwen in another great feature piece for Forbes Magazine last month.

Bronwen also featured in TWO fab interviews for Authority Magazine about how to recover from being a people pleaser, and ‘5 Ways Empathy Will Affect Your Leadership’ PLUS an article in Brainz Magazine on how you can shut down the noise of life and find the things that help you to create the answers that are right for you.

Well done Bronwen!

Carol Grimshaw

Grimshaw Legal
March 2024

Carol is smart – she answered a pre-Christmas SourceBottle callout that resulted in a Feb Gemcell Business Toolbox article titled ‘Q: A customer is refusing to pay their invoice. What should I do?’.

Her answers? Communicate, Negotiate, Write a letter of demand, Manage risk, and Legal change.

Carol also featured in an International Women’s Day article in the Ballarat Times highlighting her extensive pro bono services and work with a range of charities and communities.

Great work Carol!

Donna Cameron

The Couch
March 2024

Relationships are hard, no matter what form they come in – whether it’s a boss that’s grinding your gears, a family breakdown, or perhaps a long-term relationship that’s wavering.

Fortunately, resident psychologist and Meet The Press MasterClass grad Donna Cameron has some great advice in a Mamamia article about how to repair complex mother-daughter relationships.

She also featured in a great House of Wellness piece about how to manage catastrophic thinking.  We LOVE seeing you shine all over the media Donna!

Francis Acquah

Positive Wellness Recovery Centre
March 2024

Meet The Press MasterClass grad, mental health nurse and Member of the Order of Australia, Francis Acquah, officially opened Kalkallo’s Positive Wellness Recovery Centre late last year, focusing on providing a range of wellness programs for mental health, disability support, and recovery therapy.

In March, Francis welcomed Member for Thomastown, Bronwyn Halfpenny, for a tour of the premises and a discussion about mental health which featured in an article in The North Central Review.

Congratulations Francis!

Jo Lukins

Dr Jo Lukins
March 2024

Dr Jo Lukins specialises in both elite performance in sport and in the boardroom and has once again taken her Meet the Press MasterClass learnings to another level last month – regular, concise, newsworthy and EVERYWHERE including multiple Mindwise ABCNQ and ABC Northern Grandstand interviews!

Jo also featured in a Body & Soul Magazine piece ‘How to Fall in Love with Running, For Real’ – yes, it’s possible!

Great work Jo!

Kate McHugh

March 2024

2023 Meet the Press MasterClass grad Kate McHugh explained how and why she founded her tech start-up without a CTO in her latest article for Inside Small Business.

Resilience, resourcefulness, and an ability to execute logic-based tasks combined with creative application are key!

Love your work Kate!

Lucy Lines

Two Lines Fertility
March 2024

Melbourne 2023 Meet the Press MasterClass grad and fertility educator Lucy Lines was honoured on International Women’s Day to be announced as one of the ‘10 women who’ve transformed healthcare in Australia’ in a GPEX article.

She was listed amongst esteemed pioneers like Dr Emma Constance Stone (first woman registered with the Medical Board of Victoria) and Sister Elizabeth Kenny (innovator of physiotherapy and polio treatments).

Such an amazing achievement Lucy!

Mark Williams

Rethinking the Brain
March 2024

Cognitive neuroscientist Mark Williams has appeared all over the media since graduating from our Melbourne Meet the Press MasterClass just a few months ago.

In March he was interviewed by Susan Graham-Ryan on ABC QLD Radio, chatting about how owning a dog can improve your health and well-being.

PLUS he spoke on the Sciencentric podcast about how our brain has evolved to enable us to connect and the many positive and negative aspects of this drive AND he featured in the Kiddipedia 2024 Newborn Guide with an article ‘Supporting Brain Development in Your Baby’ AND in the  International Business Times profiled his book ‘The Connected Species’ which highlights the peculiarities of the human brain, how it contributed to our rise, as well as how it works for and against us.

Phew – such amazing publicity Mark!

Melinda Shelley

March 2024

Melinda Shelley wrote a fantastic article for Kiddipedia on the magic of bedtime stories last month. She emphasised how it’s a joy to share the magic of a simple story weaving calm into the chaos of parenting young children, and how nightly reading can enrich your child’s sleep routine.

Here’s to more peaceful nights and dream-filled adventures for our little ones.

Suzana Mihajlovic

March 2024

Confidence requires that you move into the areas that make you nervous so that you can strengthen your skills and self-belief about who you are and what you’re capable of.  Success requires that you stretch yourself and do the things you’re not comfortable doing.

So it was with that attitude that mindset coach Suzana approached her very first TV interview in Ticker’s live media studio last month. She had loads of fun talking with Mike Loader about the power of our internal self-image, and felt like she could have talked to him all day!

Super proud of you Suzana!

Amanda Farmer

Your Strata Property
February 2024

Strata lawyer and Sydney 23 MasterClass grad Amanda Farmer featured in Caitlin Fitzsimmons’ strata feature story, extending over 6 pages (!) in the Sydney Morning Herald in early Feb.

Really encouraging to see that the lack of proper planning for repair and maintenance of ageing buildings is finally being called out for the massive problem it is – great work again Amanda!