Journos Have To Say

Sydney Journos


“We love coming to Kate’s Meet the Press MasterClass.  This is my second time.  We use and we find so many great experts and talent through Kate’s MasterClass and we love telling their stories on Today.”



“We’ve just been crunching the numbers.  I think this is my fifth time at Kate Engler’s Meet the Press MasterClass.  And I can’t tell you the amount of stories that I have transformed from stories in this room into real life podcast stories for our show.  It is literally the best content farm.  In fact, maybe the only content farm out there where there is just a room full of humans with amazing stories for us to take and turn into something great.”



“I’m a freelancer, and I write for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and another IT publication, The Information Age.  Today’s been amazing.  My head is full of so many story ideas, and what I’ve found is everyone is quite different, diverse, but everybody has a story.”


“I’m part way through my first day at Meet the Press MasterClass and what I’ve found really valuable so far is the opportunity to sit down with each person with their pitch and really talk through the points that I think would not only work for them but also work for us as a newspaper.  I’ve found some really valuable story ideas already and I’m looking forward to exploring those with people in the weeks to come.”



“I’m really, really happy that I came along to participate in this Meet the Press MasterClass. I want to congratulate Kate for putting together such an amazing assembly of businesses and individuals who are passionate about their businesses. I look forward to interviewing many of them, if not all of them!”



“I can already see an incredible amount of talent, and some stories we’re seeking.  And of course that narrative that is driving what they’re doing. It’s been an incredible day so far and you can feel the energy from the room.”



“We’re only halfway through the day, but already it’s been really productive. I’ve met some great people and got some terrific story ideas.”



“I have absolutely loved today, I’ve already sent my editor 10 stories that I think that we can use, it’s been brilliant, everyone’s been super prepared with their pitches.”



“It has been such a huge and exciting day here at Kate’s Meet the Press MasterClass.  I ‘m from Smart Company, so we are all about small businesses and entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs and pitching.  And it’s really rewarding to be able to help them with my years of experience.  So I’m really grateful to be here.”


– Anita

“My 6th or 7th time back here with Kate and every time I am amazed at people’s passions, inventions, products and stories and there is always a huge variety. I help them to make their businesses appealing to my audience and find a direction.”


– Britt

“I am so impressed, it has been great to have the one on one face time with the delegates and it’s great to time to go through the pitch properly. I already have 3 people to come on Today extra. I’m very excited and can’t wait for the next one.”


– Clare

“This was a great opportunity for us to come and meet some great entrepreneurs. I am so excited with their passion and this bringing together of the two sides of publicity.”