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Maximising Power: How Publicity Can Help With Facebook Advertising

March 6, 2023
Social Media advertising

Publicity and social media advertising can go hand in hand. Sounds weird, right?

In this blog, we will tackle how being seen on TV can help your ads on social media give you better results, plus the significance of Facebook advertising to your desired outcome for your desired audience.

The Natural Force of the Environment

When people (i.e., your prospective customer) are reading a magazine or watching TV, they are in a passive mindset. They are consuming (or simply filling in time with) the media of their choice in a location of their choosing.  They are relaxed, kicking back and not in action taking mode.

It takes a pretty motivated person to see someone being interviewed on TV about their business and quickly google them, find them and engage with them. 

It does happen though – like it did for Physio Tim ($250,000 in revenue after A Current Affair appearance), or Relationship expert Dee ($75,000 in revenue after a Studio 10 appearance), or the ANF practitioner Claire, whose clinic was booked for a month after her 2GB interview.

So, it DOES happen…but it’s rare…and that doesn’t mean the publicity hasn’t worked. On the contrary, publicity is a crucial building block in building trust and expertise standing amongst your target market, so that when they are in an environment that allows for direct action, they are more likely to take it with you because you’re now familiar to them.

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Facebook as Your Friendly Social Media Platform

Facebook, and your visibility in the platform, make it so easy for people to TAKE ACTION when they are on their platform and see your ads. Part of the reason why they take action on your Facebook ads after your publicity is that you are suddenly more recognisable, more trusted, more familiar.

Trust is Built When Risk is Understood

The foundation of risk is natural, especially for your target service consumers, investors, wherever you have it. But one way to mitigate risk is your publicity or your public visibility. 

This simply means that there’s less RISK for them to take action in the Facebook environment with you because, even if it’s on a subconscious level, they feel like they know you.

Knowing you means less risk. Less risk means it’s safer. Being safer means they can trust you. Trusting you allows for them to take action with you.

That nano-second of decision making about whether to scroll past or hit ‘buy now’ has been compressed even more in the Facebook environment, because they’ve seen you outside of that space.


There are times when the ROI (return on investment) on publicity is tricky to measure…purely because of the environment people are in when they see you in the media.  However, if you view publicity as part of your larger credibility building strategy, it will pay dividends across the board. Learn more on how you can maximise your media visibility, as well as understand the utility of Facebook as a platform with Meet The Press Masterclass.

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