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Ready, Fire, Aim: Why Knowing The Media Is Important

October 15, 2023
media is important

Good media habits help avoid the Ready, Fire, Aim Mistake.

When businesses start exploring publicity, it can be tricky to know where to start.  

There are however, a few good media habits that will not only ease the foray into this exciting realm of free media exposure, it equips business owners with some great insights into the media itself and helps position it as someone they want.

Habits You Can Try

1. Start consuming as much media as possible.

Consuming various types of media not only will you get various information. It can also help you with discovering new ideas, and inspiring stories that can also extend your creativity and curiosity. 

2. Not a television news watcher? Set the TV to record or visit the news sites to catch up on what they’ve covered. 

Staying updated about the latest happenings about the world around you is not only wise, but is also helpful in decision-making, planning, sorting, and even organising your activities. This also helps you establish a good relationship with others by simply keeping yourself up to date.

3. Do a lot of driving? Tune into the hourly news updates on the radio. 

This habit is helpful because it keeps you informed about current events, making your commute more educational and engaging. Additionally, it allows you to stay updated on traffic conditions and weather forecasts, helping you plan your journey more effectively and stay safe on the road.

4. Bored standing in line at the supermarket? Grab a newspaper to pass the time.

It helps pass the time in a constructive manner, preventing boredom and frustration. Furthermore, it allows you to stay informed about local and global news, enriching your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. Additionally, reading a newspaper promotes literacy and critical thinking skills, enhancing cognitive abilities even during mundane tasks like grocery shopping.

The Importance of Knowing the Media

At every single Meet The Press MasterClass we’ve ever run over the past 11 years, the journalists always stress the importance of knowing the media that’s the target of the pitch. 

It’s really important to have a fairly good idea of the types of stories that are making the news, the types of stories each outlet in the target media covers and the types of stories that are ‘trending’ (this is just a snazzy word for increasing in popularity. . . and we love snazzy words!). 

Whatever is making the news now is a good indicator of what will make the news tomorrow. 

Having a sound understanding of what’s current (and what’s trending), and how the media uses stories in publications, on television, and on the radio, means that publicity opportunities are everywhere, and there are many ways to be featured in the media again and again!

This is also the perfect time to start taking note of the headlines that are appearing in preferred publications. 

The headline in a media release is the most important part – it’s what will convince the journalist to read on and dive into the media release.


Once there’s greater familiarity with media more broadly, it’s time to consider the type of news/media potential clients are consuming and become familiar with those programs/publications.

There’s no point in pitching to a breakfast TV program if the target market for the business is reading the Financial Review.  

Targeting pitches to where potential customers’ eyeballs and eardrums hang out is vital – and this is almost impossible without becoming familiar with the media landscape.

Becoming familiar with the programs or publications relevant to each business is a game-changer!

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