About The Masterclass



Alisha Burns

Solo Mums Society

“I thoroughly enjoyed the last two days. I’ve learnt so much that I had no concept of when it came to pitching to the media, and how important my story is.”

Ami Nakamura

Harmony Harvest

“Kate is step-by-step and so detailed. Very easy to understand and I recommended this to all of the business owners like me who want to put their voice out to the world.”

Andrew Woodward

The Investor's Way

“I’ve come back to the Meet the Press MasterClass for the fourth time because simply put Kate is the oracle when it comes to public relations and by being in this room I get exposed to journalists who can take me to the next level of growth in my business.”

Ange Chappel

Mind the Sip

“This is my second year at Meet the Press MasterClass. I returned because I got so much out of it last year. I really wanted to come back and re -evaluate some of those skills I learned. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is on the fence wondering if they should come or not.”

Anjani Amriit

Anjani Amriit

“I came to Kate’s Meet the Press MasterClass this this time around and it’s the fourth time coming. It’s been so effective for my business and I’ve been able to really create credibility with the media.”

Anna Shannon

Travel Agent Finder

“I am putting myself outside my comfort zone so that I can improve things for myself and also my business.”

Beck Thompson

The Relationship Circle

“I recommend it to everybody because of the immense amount of knowledge that you get and skills that you get to take home.”

Cheyne Kupfer

Crypto Calls

“So I wanted to come to the Meet the Press MasterClass as I’d never fully understood the full scope of the press and what they can do for a business. My biggest takeaway has been that it can be life-changing for any business.”

Colin McGregor

BioGenesis Australia

“I’d highly recommend Meet the Press MasterClass to other business owners because it really brings the relationship with media back in your control for you to develop those personal relationships with the media moving forward.”

Darren Fleming

Darren Fleming Pty Ltd

“The reason I came to the Meet the Press MasterClass, is because the two-day event is far cheaper than engaging a three-month PR campaign and it’s going to give much better results.”

Elizabeth Wright

Australia Cake Decorating Network

“I came to the Meet the Press MasterClass today to try to expand my business and get the word out there a bit about what I’m doing and why it can help small business owners, particularly women.”

Emma McCullen

Portmanteau Travel

“The journalists could not be more lovely!”