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Gemma Manning

Gemma Manning

“My biggest highlight really is just so many of amazing people to meet and the amazing stories that really exist and being in a cohort that encourage each other. I would certainly recommend this to anybody else considering getting their story out there in the media. You do learn from the best.”

Glenn Dawson

The Only Straw

“I wanted to come to the Meet the Press MasterClass just to learn a bit more about media and how I can introduce my product to a greater mass of Australians basically. The highlight of the two days so far I would say just learning about the pitch, the best way to create a story and just having a a good laugh.”

Kylee Dennis

Two Face Investigations

“I really I looked at what Kate had to offer and when we had our interview I knew that she would be able to help me on my journey to create a pitch that I’m confident to say to anybody.”

Laurence Barlow

Credit Reboot

“So to have the journalists all in this place at one time and to get one-on-one time is incredible, it’s invaluable and it’s a great experience. You’ve really got to come and do it.”

Luke Taylor

Crime Story

“This is my second Meet the Press MasterClass and I was so impressed with the first one and the results that I got that I wanted to follow up and keep learning some more techniques and also to meet some new journalists.”

Mark Hodgson

Screen Genie

“The main take out is the need to think differently about your audience.
Which in this case is a journalist looking for a story, not the product or service that you have to sell.”

Michelle Lomas


“I heard about Kate and how fantastic she is and I thought this is going to be a really great learning curve for me to be able to up-skill in terms of how to run a PR campaign myself and help my marketing go harder.”

Monique Cotton


“So I came to Kate’s Meet the Press MasterClass to gain exposure for my business, and also to learn different ways to publicise my business through different publicity and media.”

Recel Tayor

Vital Partners

“I am in awe of being in this Meet the Press MasterClass with Kate Engler, who I just think is a genius and has a memory bank like an elephant. She’s very funny and I have learned so much, even confidence.”

Sanan Thamo


“I have been looking for an opportunity like this to come and learn about how you actually interact with the media and how do you get the message out to them.”

Scott Leggo

Scott Leggo

“We’ve had some media attention and coverage previously, but like anything in life, good professional development is critical to make it better. So we’re really trying to improve our media skills as a business and this has been great for that. Look, I think the highlight of the two days has just been Kate’s energy, very positive.”

Tom Adam

Curious Growth

“I would definitely recommend the Meet the Press MasterClass to people who are looking at getting their business out into the media.”