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Mish Wright

Mish Wright Pelvic Floor

“I have had some press coverage before but I wanted to step up my game. The journalists have become very human to me and I am going to start some genuine relationships with them to do some good in the world.”

Moss Siddle

Petcheck 24/7

“I came along as our story is pretty good to tell. I learnt that pitching to the media is different to presenting to your colleagues. This is a real eye opening experience in to the media world.”

Rhonda Jansen

Rhonda Jansen Hypnotherapy

“A friend of mine recommended the MasterClass and when I looked at what Kate does I thought absolutely and booked in. I’m amazed at what we have learnt in just 1 day. Kate is genuinely interested in every single business. She is very passionate and very committed to everyone who is here.”

Peta Heine

Heads Together for ABI

“It’s pretty hard to express how much I have learnt. Absolutely, 100% I would recommend other businesses do this and I would say do it more. I want to do it again!”

Rory Kilmartin

Archetypal Relationships

“I’ve come here to build my brand and get some PR exposure. What I’ve leant is absolutely phenomenal. I feel totally empowered. I feel armed and informed and I’ve just pitched my business to 9 journalists. If that’s something that interests you…call up the team!”

Ross Nancarrow

Every Daughter Matters

“We came to get exposure. It has changed the way my brain works when it comes to the media. I would absolutely recommend it for not for profits. They have a lot of capacity in this space.”

Stuart Donaldson


“We had some great news to share. And Kate’s coaching is excellent. And I’m blown away by the journalists and ready to get in front of the news cycle.”

Ange Chappel

Mind the Sip

“I came to the Meet the Press MasterClass to gain more exposure to more Australians. I found it really motivating and I’ll definitely be returning.”

Debra Beck-Mewing

The Property Frontline

“I came to learn how to clarify and communicate my message.”

Dionne Connelly

Your Consultancy Services

“Anyone who wants to create an awareness and invest in their business this is money well spent. Invest in yourself so you can level up in life.”

Dr Amy Carmichael

“In the last two days I’ve learnt to understand that journalists are looking for a news hook and Kate is very good at drawing out your ideas in to something for the journalists. I would definitely recommend.”

Gavin McDonough

Jitjatjo Australia

“I come from nearly 20 years of marketing experience but understanding the media has always been a mystery. Kate has demystified the process of pitching to journalists. I would recommend the Meet the Press MasterClass to other businesses who wants to learn to craft their pitch and test it in the market, with Kate’s network of media contacts.”