About The Masterclass



Alison Weatherstone

Australian College of Midwives

“I think the question and answer time with Kate, to get that really lived experience, has been invaluable. Without a doubt I would recommend this masterclass and I think that some of the delegates just keep coming back and I’m pretty sure I will be one of those.”

Amanda Falconer

Planet A Pet Food

“I really needed someone else’s insight, in particular Kate’s, to take my marketing speak and turn it into something that would resonate with the journalists.”

Andrew Woodward

The Investor's Way

“I keep coming back to Kate’s MasterClass because simply Kate is a genius at what she does and I want her genius in my business to help me grow and to continue to get exposure.”

Anjali Donaldson


“I wasn’t sure if we were newsworthy or not but Kate said absolutely! I’ve learned that what I wrote initially was a pitch to customers and not a pitch for the media.”

Kate Heine

Heads together for ABI

“As a non profit I wanted to raise awareness and for people to see us in the media. I’ve learnt connecting with the media is not as hard as I thought. I was scared but now it feels like a lovely conversation.”

Kenny Lee

Light My Bricks

“I learnt to dial back and simplify my rambling pitch. It’s been great to see the transformation and I would definitely recommend other people with products to come because everyone needs PR.”

Lily Steiner

Lily High On Life

“I got so much more than just preparing to talk to journalists. It’s really about showing how your message is most effectively communicated to anyone. And the energy, the enthusiasm and Kate’s experience is unreal!”

Lisa Carrick

Enjoy Living

“I wanted to understand how the value of PR really worked and the mechanics behind it. Like most things there is a science behind it. And Kate’s investment in her people is worth every cent.”

Loz Antonenko

Loz Life

“I came as I have a message that needs to be amplified. The biggest take home was just how different pitching to the media is compared to pitching to your end audience. This is best investment you will ever make.”

Lucy Lines

Two Lines Fertility

“I was sick of sitting in the background and seeing other people in the media. If you’ve got the product and just want more people to hear about it. This is 100% the place to bring it.”

Mark Williams

Rethinking the Brain

“I wanted to learn how to get more media attention and how to do it better. I’ve learnt that there is a different way of pitching to the journalists. I’ve also met a lot of other wonderful people and businesses.”

Matt De Propertis

Charge Post

“I came as I wanted to target our message. I have learnt it’s a trusted methodology and system. I’m really glad I have taken a leap of faith and decide to come along.”