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SourceBottle: Free Site Connecting Small Business Owners With Story-Hungry Journalists

August 15, 2023
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Getting yourself some free publicity is as much an art as it is a science. Both subjects can be taught and learned but, at some point, you will need to sit your final exam. 

In this blog, we will tackle the importance of taking advantage of a free site, especially with having story-hungry journalists, and its effects on your business.

When it comes to the publicity game, that final exam is getting yourself in front of a journalist, producer or reporter, but, unfortunately, it’s this last test that SMEs far too often fail at. 

Quite simply, in my 30 years experience coaching small business owners about publicity, I’ve found most just don’t know any journos nor are they willing to spend a few hours hunting around online (let alone hitting the phones) trying to track down some media contacts.

Thankfully journos are the exact opposite in that regard: they’re in the business of cultivating contacts and hunting down great stories. 

That said, you can’t expect them to find you – or your story – by magic! There is, however, a fairly magical online service you can sign up to that’s perfect for connecting SMEs with journos.

…and it’s called SourceBottle.

SOURCEBOTTLE AS A PLATFORM was set up in 2009 by Melbourne PR whizz Bec Derrington who saw huge inefficiencies in the publicity approach taken by many businesses when trying to land themselves some coverage. 

In many cases, Bec simply found that SMEs were trying to connect with the wrong people in the media! So, at its most basic and what SourceBottle does best, is link expert small business owners with the actual journalists who are likely to be interested in listening – and telling – their stories.

I am a huge fan of the site and have seen many of my Meet The Press MasterClass graduates garner great success after signing up. Before I go any further though, and before you start thinking this is going to cost you an arm and a leg, one of the greatest things about SourceBottle is that, in large part, it’s a free service.

Twice daily, @10am and @2pm AEST, Bec and the team at SourceBottle send out alert emails to their media and SME subscribers listing a whole bunch of ‘call outs’ on a range of specific subject areas. 

These ‘call outs’ are requests written largely by journalists, producers and bloggers who are seeking expert commentary, advice or tips to help them write their stories or produce their TV or radio segments. And that’s where you come in! 


Listing yourself as a ‘source’ on SourceBottle essentially means you’re putting up your hand 24/7 and saying to journos “I’m ready for my close up” (no matter what hour of the day or night). 

By getting in the habit of responding to ‘callouts’ in your particular area of expertise, you are throwing yourself into the publicity pitching ring. In the process, I promise, you’ll go a long way in building and refining your own personal brand and getting your business’ name out there. 

So, it’s worth signing up and taking a look at what stories are just waiting to be written right now. Not only is it worth it, I go so far as to say every business in Australia needs to be part of SourceBottle if they want to amplify their expert voice via the media.  It’s just bonkers to not be part of it.

I’ve seen many of our graduates develop fantastic long-standing relationships with journos that all started out with a SourceBottle call out. 

If you do happen to have a bit of extra cash lying around, for a small fee, the team at SourceBottle can also do some of the leg work for you and help get your name and expertise in front of the right people.


On any given day, the news cycle, a journalist’s prior work commitments or any number of personal matters could see your carefully crafted press release end up deep down an email inbox or, at worst, in the deleted items folder. Please don’t take that as me saying you should immediately cease writing that press release but, instead, I want you to also consider adding a SourceBottle account to your publicity plan. That way you’re giving yourself much greater potential and longevity when it comes to getting your name up in lights. Learn more about free sites and its importance by contacting us at Meet The Press MasterClass!

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