About The Masterclass

Sydney Attendees

Ange Chappel

Mind the Sip

“I came to the Meet the Press MasterClass to gain more exposure to more Australians. I found it really motivating and I’ll definitely be returning.”

Debra Beck-Mewing

The Property Frontline

“I came to learn how to clarify and communicate my message.”

Dionne Connelly

Your Consultancy Services

“Anyone who wants to create an awareness and invest in their business this is money well spent. Invest in yourself so you can level up in life.”

Dr Amy Carmichael

“In the last two days I’ve learnt to understand that journalists are looking for a news hook and Kate is very good at drawing out your ideas in to something for the journalists. I would definitely recommend.”

Gavin McDonough

Jitjatjo Australia

“I come from nearly 20 years of marketing experience but understanding the media has always been a mystery. Kate has demystified the process of pitching to journalists. I would recommend the Meet the Press MasterClass to other businesses who wants to learn to craft their pitch and test it in the market, with Kate’s network of media contacts.”

Janelle Slater

Daizy Graze

“I wanted to get some awareness about my brand. When I walked in yesterday, I knew nothing about PR and now I have the skills to go to journalists. It’s amazing how much you learn in two days. If you want exposure of your business give it a go!”

Joanne Swadling

Shop Naturally

“I was pretty hooked from the get go. I think this is going to be one of the most valuable things I have done for my business.”

Kate McHugh


“We learnt how to craft our messages and engage with the press. It’s been a wonderful, uplifting experience of personal development.”

Laurence Barlow

Credit Reboot

“I’ve just secured 8 media interviews. What surprised me was the endearing way Kate delivered her message and she really knows her stuff.”

Luke Taylor

Crime Story

“I am over the moon that I have already secured some press coverage with the Today show! It’s exceeded my expectations and it’s invaluable for a start up like mine.”

Marie Anagnostis

12 Hours in the Life

“I am so thankful I have completed the Meet the Press MasterClass. It’s the most useful and practical course I have ever done and I believe it will make a difference!”

Marie and Geoffrey Ebert

Your Online Legal Group

“What we have experienced has been so rich with content and given us so much we can use. The team has an incredible eye for detail and we are leaving with our business in the best possible position. Kate really knows her stuff and we are better equipped to deal with the media.”