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The Big Why: Meet The Press MasterClass on Helping Businesses Grow

November 19, 2023
Meet the Press Masterclass


Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

There are two whys that never get old when it comes to running the Meet the Press MasterClasses:

First is the thrill that comes with seeing businesses take charge of their own publicity and appear in newspapers, magazines and on TV. The thrill of seeing our delegates fly, just never gets old.

And second is the privilege it is to have played a part in that success.


When businesses apply for the Meet The Press MasterClass they are taking a big step to put themselves out there, to stand up and say “I’ve got something of value to say.”  The trust they then place in me, and my team is an honour and a privilege, and that too, never gets old.

Working in agencies on both sides of the country, I saw amazing businesses who would come into the agency, knowing that publicity was powerful and that having a journalist interview them would broaden their reach, expert standing and customer base.

Once they were informed of the agency fees however, they would leave with their tail between their legs feeling that they weren’t ‘big enough’ for the media.

To see inspiring, amazing, courageous entrepreneurs have their hopes for media coverage dashed on the rocks of high agency fees was a heartbreaker!  

And so, the Meet The Press MasterClass was born…because these amazing businesses deserve media coverage, and I wanted to help them get it!


Designed to put the power of the media in the hands of business owners so they know the rules of the media game and are given the tools of the media game – enabling them to play the media game anywhere, at any time, with any journalist….without needing me or any other PR person again… this is at the heart of the why.

Not only the ‘why’ of why we do this, but also the ‘why’ of why we don’t want businesses as ongoing clients.

At each MasterClass, it feels like business owners hand their gorgeous baby over to us and ask us to help it grow and flourish.  This is an honour and involves a level of trust that humbles me Every! Single! Time!

The privilege of imparting knowledge of how the media works and how businesses can harness this power themselves, then preparing them to pitch to major media outlets in Australia so they can build relationships with the journalists themselves… boom baby!

11 years in and it’s just as thrilling today as it ever has been.

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