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The Irony of Media Coverage

May 15, 2023
media coverage

What does Monty Python and media coverage for business have in common?


Let me explain.

First, a business makes a great pitch to the journalist about an issue it wants to discuss.

Second, the journalist likes the pitch so much, they agree to interview the business owner (whether on radio in print or for TV).

Third, the publicity (free media coverage) appears and the business gets the halo effect that follows.

Now, here’s the irony…

Even though the journalist knows that media coverage generally gives the subject matter expert who has been interviewed credibility, the kudos and the customers that follow…. The irony is, it’s not their job to promote the business or the business owner. 

Read that again.

It’s not the journalist’s job to promote the business.

See the irony?

When I’ve explained that to business owners who apply for the MasterClass, many have snapped back with “Well what IS their job then?” – clearly not understanding what I’m outlining here.

In short – the journalist’s job is to write and report news stories.

Notice the highlight of the word ‘news’ in the above sentence?

So part of the game that is pitching to the media is presenting the issues behind the business in a newsworthy way.


In other words, publicity is not about the ‘thing’ (the business/product/service), it’s about the stories that sit behind the thing – the why of the business and crafting a ‘pitch’ that conveys this effectively and as sharply as possible.

To be perfectly blunt, if business owners pitch to the journalists like they pitch to potential clients, they’ll fail really fast.  Potential customers understandably want to hear all about how a business/product/service can help them… the journalists…?? Not so much.

So by embracing this irony, and crafting a pitch that explores the story behind the business creates a massive shift in publicity results!

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