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    You’re in business, you’re great at what you do, but sometimes you feel like the best kept secret that nobody knows about.

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    The noise feels like it is everywhere, Facebook, LinkedIn, advertising, other social media channels and paying to stand out amongst the noise is not only hard but also really expensive.

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    You know you have potential, if only more people would notice you.

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    You have flirted with the idea of publicity but you don’t have the knowledge or the skills yet.


The Assumption is...

Many people don’t think that they can get media coverage for their business… so they rely on paid advertising because at least they get their offer in front of people, right?

The Reality is...

But the fact is… and research proves this point… publicity is superior to advertising when it comes to new or relatively unknown products, services and businesses.

Not only does publicity create more certainty in consumers’ minds, research shows it directly results in more sales.

Of Course You Do!


It’s simpler than you think....

After all you are driven...

And you’re confident that with the right tools you could give this a go...

Yep! We Agree!

We know you CAN do this with just a little bit of guidance and a couple of helpful hacks to get you going.





Your Publicity Lab is a 10-module course that will take you from a publicity rookie to a publicity guru…



From not knowing where to start

TO having a clear road map of your publicity journey.

From having little or no experience

TO being confident to walk the media talk.

From an advertising and “I need to pay for it” mindset

TO a publicity and “I can get coverage for free” mindset.

From a passive media consumer

TO an active media participant.


One on One Support

Moving from Rookie to Guru is made SO much easier with an expert with 30 years' experience on hand to help. Once you’ve completed the first 6 modules, you’ll have a 30 minute power call with Kate to chat about your business and she wants to hear about YOU too!

Not one power call, but two!

At the end of the course, when you have completed all 10 modules and are a whiz at writing a media release, you’ll have another one-on-one personalised power call with Kate. The idea behind this call is for you to utilize Kate’s 30 years of experience and unlock some of the hidden media gems in your business so that you can use them to roll out your media in earnest!

Here’s what Your Publicity Lab delivers…


Everything You Need to Know

A breakdown of Publicity - what is it, how it works and the immediate benefits to get the foundations in place right from the get-go.


Your Story

Finding it is easier than you think. This module unlocks the media stories hidden in your business and shows you how to pitch them.


Media Introduction

All things media and how to get noticed, including angles that attract media attention.


The #1 Door Opener

The formula for the #1 door opener and how to master it. Armed with this you can pitch to any journalist, anywhere, any time.


Everything You Need to Know

A breakdown of who does what in media-land so you can pitch to the right person every time.


Making a Connection

How to send your message to the media PLUS What you need to know about approaching TV, Radio and Print.


Help I Have a Media Interview

Quick hacks to calm the nerves and how to master a cheat sheet.


Lights, Camera, Action – The Interview

Monetizing your publicity and making sales PLUS the difference between in-person and phone interviews.


Understanding the Journalists

What do journalists REALLY want from you and best days and times to send your media release.


Rookie Mistakes

Simple rookie errors we want you to avoid.

Tools for Success

Your Publicity Lab not only gives you all the theory you’ll need to understand how the media works and how to find and craft your story for journalists, it also provides you with a host of practical, tactical TOOLS FOR SUCCESS that act like your road map to publicity success.
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Your toolkit includes...

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    12 Rookie Mistakes and how to avoid them

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    5 Top Tips for Getting to the Journalists

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    A Media Release Checklist

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    A Pitch Action Planner (so each pitch is prepared and targeted effectively)

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    A Media List Contact template to capture all your media contacts and keep track of your relationship with them

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    A complete transcript of one of our MEET THE PRESS MASTERCLASS journo panels
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    A Quick Reference guide on how and when to pitch to different media outlets

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    A MAKE IT EASY guide on what to do in what order which makes stepping out your publicity a breeze


“Kate has a way of simplifying what’s in my head and turning it into media-friendly gold. Because she knows the media so well every time I speak with her. I get another media angle ready to go.”


“Kate gave me one pitch idea that turned into $56,000 in sales. Kate knows what the media wants and how to give it to them.”

Cape York Motorcycles


“Working with Kate has been amazing. In one call, she just blew my mind with the key messages that we spot on for my pitch!”

A Game Property Advisory


Who is Kate Engler?

In a nutshell, Kate breaks the rules of how businesses get publicity.

Her MEET THE PRESS MASTERCLASS links journos directly with hand-selected business owners and allows journalists to hear multiple pitches in one go – direct from the client, with no ‘PR whitewashing’ and no more ‘dud’ pitches. What do journalists get out of this? Qualified businesses with juicy stories that they can immediately take to their viewers, readers or listeners.

Kate challenges the way publicity is harnessed by businesses, by giving them access to thousands of dollars of free media exposure without using the traditional PR agency model or needing her assistance beyond her highly regarded MasterClass. (Yep – that means her MasterClass is an ‘upsell free zone’ – Quite refreshing don’t you think?)

After many years working in corporate PR on both sides of the country with internationally recognised brands including World Vision, P&O Cruises, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, BedShed, Homeloans Ltd, Australand, Sanwa Vines, and Dilmah Tea, Kate now puts the power of the media into the hands of everyday business owners so they can easily and quickly generate their own media coverage.

Every year, her MasterClass graduates regularly feature across thousands of hours of TV and radio time, and hundreds of pages of national, local and specialty newspapers and magazines including some of the biggest TV shows including The Project, A Current Affair, The Today Show, Ticker TV, Sunrise and ABC News 24, Daily Mail, Body & Soul and Prevention magazine, Inside Small Business and SmartCompany.

They have been interviewed on numerous radio stations including 3AW, 2GB, 6PR, 4BC and ABC Radio around the country and featured in the nation’s biggest circulating newspapers including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, The Australian, Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph as well as many local newspapers. They have also found extremely valuable exposure in many specialist publications and on online news and industry sites.

Better still, a growing number of Kate’s MasterClass graduates are now asked to appear regularly in the medial as experts in their field. You will find Kate to be an engaging, generous presenter with a warm, welcoming and surprisingly (for a PR person) genuine nature.

Get Started?

There are two payment options available to transform your business.  Scroll down to get started…


$2,500 USD

*plus gst.


$1,250 USD

*plus gst.

Your Media Coverage Guarantee

Your Publicity Lab is backed by our 6-month media coverage guarantee. In the unlikely event that your efforts from Your Publicity Lab don’t result in coverage, we’ll generate one piece of media coverage for you.

This means if you follow all the instructions in the lab*, do all the work, send out your releases and follow up on the journalists and still don’t secure coverage, we’ll take over and get a piece of media coverage on your behalf. So you’ve got nothing to lose by diving into the lab.

Frequently asked questions...

Join your publicity lab

Being clear is important to us

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a ‘magic pill’ in business, and I certainly don’t believe in get rich schemes or courses…. and I would strongly advise that you don’t either. What we’re about is making a powerful, positive difference for businesses. Our vehicle of choice to help bring about this difference is PUBLICITY.

All our programs are intended to help you make YOUR difference in a much bigger way. And if you’re making your difference to more people, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled, and that’s what life (and business) is all about. We cannot and do not make any guarantees about your outcomes from undertaking this program, we make no representations about what you may earn from your efforts or by using our tools, advice or strategies. All success – whether in business or in life – will come from your own hard work, which means your results are up to you. Nothing contained within our programs or discussed on any of our sites constitute a guarantee or promise of your success, results or future earnings. Nor does our content offer any legal, medical, taxation or other types of professional advice or guidance.

Any income or financial references made are either factual for the person quoted or estimates of what may be possible for you. They should not be considered as a promise of future/potential earnings resulting from your efforts. A joint study by Harvard and MIT showed that only 4% of people actually complete online courses – so of course those who don’t complete our courses will get zero results. We know if you’ve read this far, you’re one of the 4%.

A more detailed outline of our terms and conditions and privacy policy for this program and website can be found in the links below. We want to ensure that you fully understand the agreement that you are entering into with us, so we recommend that you read through it all and seek independent advice if you are unsure of anything. We are always committed to being fully transparent, and maintaining our high levels of integrity at all times. At the end of the day, we want you to be successful by fully embracing the information here and executing it with precision.

We look forward to working with you.